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I want every brand to experience the power of soulful insights, strong messaging, and imaginative execution.

Marketing should inspire, influence, and transport. 



Social Media Week, 2020


ADLA, 2020


3% Conference, 2019


Client: Sony Pictures

Title: "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"

Challenge: With multiple big titles coming out in summer, Sony needed to break through the noise and draw all eyes and ears to their priority title. 

Insight: At its best, entertainment  is sight, sound, and motion. Quentin Tarantino knows this well: in his films, he treats music as a pivotal character, carefully selecting songs that amplify the movies' settings.

Creative Concept: To further amplify the role of music in the film, I helped create an immersive audio-first experience of Tarantino's 9th movie: a playlist takeover on Spotify, custom audio annotations of Tarantino sharing his soundtrack picks, and an exclusive podcast episode for his most loyal fans, all supported by PR, social, and paid media. 


Client: Netflix


Title: "Selena: The Series"


Challenge: Netflix needed to attract a younger generation who wasn't familiar with Selena to watch the series.

Insight: The music of today is often inspired by the artists of the past - unbeknownst to younger generations.


Creative Concept: To drive awareness for the series, I wanted to remind today's listeners that many of their favorite artists were inspired by Selena. I concepted a digital experience in which users could type in their favorite artist from today and automatically receive a playlist of songs that seamlessly transitioned from the artist's song to Selena in 20 tracks.


Client: Vans


Campaign: "Off the Wall" messaging, representing Vans' culture of creativity and rebellion.

Challenge: Vans wanted to attract a younger generation by reminding them of Vans' deep connection to music heritage and rebellion.


Insight: Data shows that young listeners are more engaged when content is personalized to them.


Idea: To celebrate Vans history and attract younger generations, I created an appointment listening moment with Off the Wall Wednesdays. After analyzing listeners’ music history, we served them a personalized playlist that featured songs from iconic Vans artists, that, thanks to Spotify’s dynamic API, automatically updated every Wednesday to get their day started right.


Client: Disney+


Title: Hamilton


Challenge: With Hamilton dropping over July 4th weekend, Disney+ needed to attract a less-engaged summer audience.


Insight: The good news? Hamilton is already intricately connected to music. The better news? Despite busy summer plans, Disney+'s target audience were already on Spotify, streaming BBQ hits and soundtracking their road trips - we just needed to remind them of Hamilton's musical appeal.


Creative concept: We weren’t going to miss our shot (sorry). I collaborated with Spotify's Editorial, Artist and Label Partnerships, and PR teams to build a marketing program including talent (Lin Manuel Miranda and Alex Lacamoire), social (Instagram, Twitter), organic in-app placements, and paid media on platform.


Challenge: Entertainment is a visual industry, and while sound is a key part of any marketing campaign, movie and TV marketers often forget about Spotify. 


Solution: As part of a larger B2B partnership to drive awareness and consideration for Spotify among entertainment marketers, I wrote a thought leadership piece about the power of audio in entertainment and using sound to amplify any marketing campaign, featured in print and online.

Soundboard for Creatives

Challenge: Spotify Advertising needed to build relationships with the creative agency community to increase inbound opportunities.

Solution: I built Soundboard for Creatives, an ambassador program for top creative agency partners. I hosted intimate sessions to increase brand love for Spotify and created resources for education and inspiration. Results included an increase in briefs, improved relationships with key creative contacts, and FOMO among agencies.



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